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Passwords Hidden In Your Social Media Profile

Criminal Hackers Using Social Media Profiles to Crack Passwords


Criminal hackers using social media profiles to commit identity theft - Access SmartI recently read this article by Tom Godfrey in the Toronto Sun titled Linkedin to Identify Theft. The article talks about how social media sites are used by identity thieves. It also highlights how individuals write too much personal information in their profile.


Now, if this was post was only about identity theft and ways to protect one’s personal identity, then I would also talk about limiting not only the profiles, but what you also post on your Facebook wall, LinkedIn status updates and Twitter updates.  I am always stunned and appalled when people post on their Facebook wall that they are leaving on a trip for an extended period of time and even provide “check-in’s” along their journey just to ensure that potential thieves know just where they are at all times. Even though your FB page might be set to private, your friends “friends” can also see what is going on and you have just advertised that you home is available to be plundered.


But, there may be something else you are revealing that you might not be aware of. Your Account Password. Read More→