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PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC Multi-Factor Authentication Enterprise Password Manager

Affordable Government Cyber Access Control =

Multi-Factor Authentication + FIPS 140-2 Encryption + Enterprise Password Manager + FIPS 201 Waiver


Power LogOn Government Edition is so much more than just a password manager … it provides PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC Multi-Factor Authentication by building on your existing cybersecurity infrastructure. No back end server modifications are required. It only takes a few hours to implement, has a low cost of ownership, and can be incorporated onto your existing employee badges! With up to 8 levels of assurance, Power LogOn ensures authentication, authorization and non-repudiation when logging onto computers, networks, servers, applications, clouds, and websites.

We meet the NIST SP 800-63-3B guidelines for PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC multi-factor authentication password guidance.


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Cybersecurity starts when you first turn on the computerbefore the firewall!

If you’re only implementing security behind the firewall, you’re too late! PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC Multi-factor Authentication must start before the computer operating system is fully booted. Otherwise, the hacker is already through your virtual front door. Power LogOn is way more than password management. It provides a secure, multi-factor, Password Authentication Infrastructure (PAI).

Power LogOn gives the IT Administrator the flexibility to choose Card + PIN, or Card + Biometrics, or Card + PIN + Biometrics to establish user authentication. After user-to-card authentication, unique information stored in the card (unknown to the user) is then used to authenticate into the network. The IT Administrator centrally controls and manages the operating system logon passwords and all other logon passwords. The user never directly authenticates into the computer or network – Power LogOn does it for them.

If an Agency already has an established a sign on procedure using a Government credential, Power LogOn works with that. The agency’s IT department controls how Power LogOn secures their network … unlike other software programs that dictate how you set up your security protocols.


It’s not a password problem. It’s a password management problem!

Password authentication (when properly executed) is secure. The way employees are allowed to (or forced to) manage passwords, is not. When employees are allowed to generate, remember, type, manage or even know their own passwords, then IT has effectively relinquished network security to the weakest link: their fellow employees!

Agencies who still believe they don’t need a Multi-Factor Authentication Password Manager should think again! The 2015 SplashData List of the Worst Passwords employees commonly use still includes: “password”, “12345”, “login”, “qwerty”, “letmein”, and “starwars”.


Power LogOn addresses specific cybersecurity needs for PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC Multi-Factor Authentication:

  • FIPS 140-2 Verified by InfoGard, FIPS 201 Waived
  • Meets NIST SP 800-63-3B password security guidelines
  • Add-on Security Applications to any Government issued ID Badge (PIV, PIV-I, CIV, & CAC) without Rebadging or Recertification
  • Secure and Protect Sensitive Data, Application and Networks
  • Lower Help Desk Costs
  • Comply with Government Data Privacy Laws
  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication into Windows-based Computers, Applications and Networks
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Allow Scalability
  • No Rip ‘n’ Replace. Leverage Existing Security Infrastructure Investments
  • Lower Time and Cost to Implement
  • Provide Ease of Use for End Users
  • Customize for Specific Environments


Passwords are not going away anytime soon!

PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC Multi-factor Authentication Password Manager

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Power LogOn’s PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC Multi-factor Authentication Password Manager adds an extra layer of cybersecurity: logical access for IT Administrators to safeguard computers, applications, websites, networks and clouds logons.

Even if employees already login to your network with a digital certificate, at some point, they are going to access a server, cloud, website or application that also requires a user name and password. How do they login to those? What if the IT Administrator centrally controlled and managed all those passwords, too? With Power LogOn, the IT Administrator can secure all the agency’s virtual front doors. When employees don’t manage passwords, social engineering attacks are eliminated because there’s nothing for them to tell. And password reset help desk calls are greatly reduced because there’s nothing for them to know.

Keyloggers, phishing emails and cloned sites are also no longer a threat because Power LogOn always checks the account’s URL prior to releasing any logon information. When passwords are secured with a smartcard chip, the user can go to any computer running Power LogOn, log onto any account and leave no logon information behind after the card is removed.


Implement long, unique, complex passwords that can change frequently, without user involvement.

The user only needs to double-click the site, application or network account they want to access. Power LogOn automatically launches the account and auto-fills the logon information.

Power LogOn meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, including FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, CJIS and many others.

Passwords are not stored on some third-party, shared server where one breach can effect multiple departments. The IT Administrator places and secures the passwords on their own servers or VPN.


Keep the cost of ownership low.

One of the biggest barriers that agencies face in implementing multi-factor authentication is the cost of ownership. Display dongles have to be replaced when their batteries run down. Certificates have to be periodically renewed. Purchased certificates are thrown away whenever an employee leaves and new ones purchased for the replacement employee. These are just a few of the hidden costs of ownership.

Power LogOn takes a different approach. We don’t require you to buy proprietary hardware. You can use what you already have or buy from a third party, if necessary. Access Smart can also be your one-stop-shop for all components, saving you valuable time, integration headaches, and money.

Power LogOn licenses don’t expire after they have been assigned to a card. There are no annual renewal or subscription fees. Licenses are transferable, which is perfect for agencies with high employee turnover.

You can combine Power LogOn with existing employee ID badge solutions creating even stronger PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC Multi-factor Authentication.


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