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Cyber Access Control


Previously know as Logical Access Control.

Cyber Access ControlPower LogOn by Access Smart is an enterprise password authentication and management solution designed to build on your existing security infrastructure. Passwords are a secure method of authentication when strong password management is included. Power LogOn doesn’t require back end server modifications, only takes a few hours to implement, has a low-cost of ownership, and can be incorporated onto your employee badges! With up to 8 levels of assurance, Power LogOn not only authenticates the user but also ensures authorization and non-repudiation.


Know Who’s Knocking on your Virtual Front Door!

Power LogOn is more than password management, it’s secure password authentication. If a company only relies on security behind the firewall, it’s already too late.

The management of passwords is the weakest security link when left to an employee’s discretion. If IT makes password management too cumbersome for employees to manage, they will circumvent security for convenience. Combine both security and convenience so everyone wins.

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What Power LogOn can do for You!

Power LogOn ensures that employees will easily comply with your company’s IT password security policies without the high costs and overhead found in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and One Time Passwords (OTP) solutions. Power LogOn has no renewal or subscription fees, takes only hours to fully deploy and all licenses are transferable. IT can also safeguard their networks through easy, customizable scripts when the card is inserted or removed from the reader. IT now has an affordable Windows logical access solution that safeguards the company’s computers, networks, data, Internet, and cloud sites. Plus, Power LogOn complies with the latest federal and state privacy protection guidelines like HIPAA, HITECH, HSPD-12, FACTA, CJIS, etc. that recommend multifactor authentication.

Now, IT can centrally manage all the company’s password accounts. Your employees are no longer the weak link in cyber security and data protection. Implement multifactor authentication within hours instead of months, and at a fraction of the cost. Try Power LogOn at no risk for 90-days, or call us at (877) 795-6466 for a no obligation consultation.