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Cyber Warfare: Chapter 7.

Cyber Warfare: Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners by J. Andress and S. Winterfeld.

Cyber warfare is real. That’s why each Friday I will post a review on this book: Cyber Warfare: Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners, and today I am sharing what I am reading in…

Chapter 7: Psychological Weapons. Cyber Warfare Techniques Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners - Book review by Dovell Bonnett of Access

Psychological weapons are another tool used in cyber warfare. It is designed to leverage the frailties of people (often refered to as “wetware” by  hackers) to ultimately gain access into computers, networks or infrastructure. While the military may call it PSY OPS, law enforcement uses the term “con artists” and cyber attackers call it “social engineering” it is all the same thing: the use of psychology to manipulate an individual’s beliefs, frailties and motivations in such a way as to knowingly or unknowingly convey valuable information. The authors again do a great job of comparing military operations with civilian ones, I am only going to focus on those that are pertinent to businesses. Read More→

SecurID Tokens Are Being Hacked

Are Your Secure ID Tokens Really Secure From Being Hacked?

One of the leading supplier of one time passwords (OTP) tokens is RSA (an EMC company) has recently been in the news because Lockheed Martin and L-3 Communications had their SecurID tokens being hacked.  RSA said that attackers had accessed code related to its SecurID two-factor authentication technology. Read More→