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Password Managers – Not all the same

Know your Password Manager

enterprise password managerLast week the cybersecurity industry was a buzz about the Boston-based company LogMeIn, Inc purchasing LastPass for $125M. In the different news articles some interesting facts were quoted:

  1.  Only 10 percent of knowledge workers today use a password manager
  2.  Only 37 percent of survey participants use passwords that contain both letters and numbers
  3.  Nearly 64 percent of people who use the Internet deploy the same password for most websites
  4.  Nearly 80 percent of cloud-based services and apps have monitored, sensitive or private information
  5.  35 percent intend to adopt a password manager in the next 12 months

While these are staggering statistics, it’s the last one I want to address. That’s because not all password managers are the same. You need to understand the differences before you deploy. Read More→

Cyber Access and Physical Access Demo at ISC West

You don’t have to be an IT sepecialist to offer your customers cyber access security. 

Cyber Access Control Single Sign-OnIf you are interested in combining physical access with cyber access contol then please drop by the Allegion booth (#20031) at the ISC West show in Las Vegas for a live demo.  Access Smart will be demonstrating a contactless Single Sign-On solution that works with Mifare, Prox of RFID technologies.  Employees will no longer have to remember, type, generate or know any company logon passwords.  Your IT administrator can now be in control and remove the weakest link in their security procedures, the employee managed password.

Here’s what you’ll see:

  1. Use the same aptiQ or prox card for contactless Single Sign-On (SSO) and physical access.
  2. Multi-factor authentication that meets the US Government’s security specifications.
  3. Licenses are transferable.  Builds on your existing IT architecture.  No annoying subscription fees.

Cyber security begins by authenticating who is accessing the network. Now you can offer your customers a one-card solution that secures a company’s physical and virtual doors. Drop by the Allegion booth #20031 to see how easy it is to combine physical and cyber access on the same card.



Cyber Security Magazine on Apple’s Newsstand

CAC – Cyber Security for the Business Owner

Network Access ControlAccess Smart announces the release of their new CAC (Cyber Access Control) Magazine. CAC is an online magazine for business owners, professionals and any other non-techies who want to understand the threats, the risks and the costs associated with computer and network (cyber) security.  It is often said that a strong offense is a great defense.  Business owners need to know the whos, hows and whys of cyber security in order to mount that great defense.  Data is the new world currency.

Everyday more and more news sites flood the headlines about cyber-attacks.  It doesn’t matter if it’s done by hackers, organized criminals, government agencies or your own employees stealing the data; by law, your company is liable for protecting customers’ private information.  Read More→

Are your customers asking you for a Logical Access Solution?

Looking for a Logical Access Partner to handle all the IT concerns?

Logical AccessWe had a great presence at the ISC West 2013 conference in Las Vegas.  One recurring theme we heard from ID resellers was their desire to offer their existing customers a value add, card based, logical access solution for network security. 

I want to help you secure these new logical access business opportunities.

Companies, healthcare and government agencies are looking for multifactor cyber access control because of the increase in data breaches, implementation of privacy laws like HITECH, HIPPA and CJIS, and their overall concern for network security.  Our Power LogOn cyber access control allows you to add logical access to almost any type of ID badge your currently sell. And best of all, it only takes a few hours to install.

Access Smart wants to be your IT security partner.  It is our policy to work with you so you can offer your customers a multi-factor cyber access control solution.  Here is my promise to you:

     1.  You retain full ownership of your customer.

     2.  You will be a reseller of our Power LogOn.

     3.  We will assist you and your customer on all IT integration, training and support.

Logical access control does not need to be scary, cumbersome, or expensive when you have a partner with 20-years of industry experience.  If you are interested in expanding your business, up selling your existing customers and increasing revenue at no risk to your business, then please call me to learn more.

Data security begins with cyber access control. Cyber access control begins with Power LogOn.


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Best regards,

Dovell Bonnett
Founder and CEO
Access Smart, LLC
P: 949-218-8754

Trust Google with your Physical Access?

Industry Buzz about NFC Technology for Physical Access

NFC Physical AccessI have always believed that any two competing technologies have their advantages when placed in the proper environment. Whether it’s a contact versus contactless smartcard, or NFC versus RFID card, both can do the same function but which is it the best use of the technology?  For example, contact smartcards are horrible for physical access due to reader wear and exposure to weather environment. 


I often see a company who falls so in love with their technology that they forget to understand the customer’s problem.  They are playing the game of “technology looking for a problem.”  That is what NFC for physical access may be doing.

  Read More→