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Password Managers – Not all the same

Know your Password Manager

enterprise password managerLast week the cybersecurity industry was a buzz about the Boston-based company LogMeIn, Inc purchasing LastPass for $125M. In the different news articles some interesting facts were quoted:

  1.  Only 10 percent of knowledge workers today use a password manager
  2.  Only 37 percent of survey participants use passwords that contain both letters and numbers
  3.  Nearly 64 percent of people who use the Internet deploy the same password for most websites
  4.  Nearly 80 percent of cloud-based services and apps have monitored, sensitive or private information
  5.  35 percent intend to adopt a password manager in the next 12 months

While these are staggering statistics, it’s the last one I want to address. That’s because not all password managers are the same. You need to understand the differences before you deploy. Read More→

Power LogOn® now supports Microsoft Azure

Access Smart® Improves Cybersecurity With Power LogOn.

Girl with Power LogOn in office button(190x190)LADERA RANCH, CA.  June 15, 2015 – Access Smart, LLC today announced that the Power LogOn software now supports Microsoft Azure.  Power LogOn adds an extra layer of cybersecurity during the initial logon process to Azure.  Azure provides Power LogOn customers with an efficient cloud solution, keeping data available with improved security.

Because cybersecurity needs to start before the firewall, Access Smart complements Azure by adding on a security-enhanced password manager.  To access the power of Azure, employees don’t need to type in their user name and password. The greatest security threat to any company is the employee managed user names and passwords. By removing this cybersecurity vulnerability, Power LogOn puts the control of sensitive data back in the hands of IT professionals. Read More→

Power LogOn – The Stepping-Stone to PKI

Power LogOn Helps Migrate Companies to PKI Adoption.

Power LogOn Complements PKIIn my many blogs, videos and whitepapers, I discuss how passwords are secure, but their management isn’t. Frequently, cybersecurity specialists believe that I’m pitting my Power LogOn solution against a PKI solution. That is not my intent. In reality, Power LogOn is a stepping-stone to PKI adoption.

This is not a contest of one technology being better than another, but rather matching the right technology to the environmental requirements. For example, what’s the difference between a Ferrari and a Jeep? Both are automobiles, they have engines, tires, seats, etc., and both will get you from point A to B on any paved road. However, you would never take your Ferrari off-roading in the Utah desert, nor would you drive a banged-up jeep to the red carpet at the Oscars. Implementation is about matching the correct vehicle to the environmental requirements. IT must also match the correct cyber authentication solution to the company’s requirements. Read More→

Password security done right by LivingSocial

Accept it; cyber-attacks are happening to your company too. 

passwordYou may have seen in the news that LivingSocial recently experienced a cyber-attack where 50 million customers’ name, email address and password were exposed.  While that news typically makes the headlines, what is not being emphasized is everything that LivingSocial did right to safeguard their customer’s personal data.


Accept it; cyber-attacks are happening to your company too.  The hacker’s strategy is to prey on the psychology of employees.  Spear phishing, watering hole attacks, social media and poisoned SEO sites s are just some of the weapons of choice.  According to Symantec, businesses in 2012 with 2,500 or fewer employees were the targets of 50 percent of the attacks, and those businesses with fewer than 250 employees accounted for 31 percent of the attacks.  Here are some other 2012 statistics to confirm the statement that, “there are two types of businesses, those that have been hacked and those that don’t know it yet:” Read More→

Cyber Authentication – Google Weak on Password Management Systems

When it comes to cyber authentication, the weakest link is the user.

Cyber authenticationCyber authentication is a hot topic in today’s world of Malware, Cyber Warfare, BYOD, Cloud Computing and Hackers. In a recent Google Password Management blog, “Google Password Management Tips To Increase The Security Of Your Accounts” they asked if your Gmail account is safe. They then give seven tips on how to improve password security. These tips, while basically correct, are so old and have been said ever since the first password was issued that they fail to address the real problem: the human element.

We all know the problems with passwords: there are to many, they need to be complex, IT makes you change them every 90-days, and we can’t remember them all. These Google tips should also be classified as: Policy, Technique, or Management. Security typically is weaker when people are expected to securely “manage” the  “techniques.” Finally, even if you followed all these Google tips you still will be vulnerable because of the password cracking tools and attacks being used. While some are saying that password security is dead. I full disagree since passwords are one of the fundamental cyber authentication methods. So let’s review these tip. Read More→